The Strangler's history is unknown. For whatever reason whenever the was a full moon he felt compelled to strangle people in the street. These murders prompted the police to call in the Challenger to help solve the case. The Challenger posted a challenge in the papers, vowing that he would kill the Strangler using his own methods: strangulation.

Figuring out the Strangler's patterns, the Challenger went out looking for him on the night of a full moon. The Strangler got the drop on the Challenger but the hero fought him off. The Strangler escaped, but not before dropping a police glove on the ground leading the Challenger to suspect that the killer was a member of the police force. While he reported this back to the chief of police, another victim was killed.

The Challenger had all beat cops called in, and had each one of them come into a darkened room (with only the light of the moon to illuminate the place) as the Challenger knew the killer's grip when he felt it. This was a ruse and only the killer attempted to kill him upon coming into contact with the moons rays. In the struggle, the Strangler tossed the Challenger out the window. When the chief of police entered the room he realized the "officer" in the room was an impostor and shoot him. Falling out the window and landing on the same telephone pole as the Challenger, the Strangler put up a struggle until, ironically, he was strangled by telephone wire that managed to wrap itself around his neck.


The rays of the full moon made the Strangler have an uncontrollable compulsion to go out and kill by strangulation. This was a single minded goal that would not quit until his thirst for death was sated.


At times the Strangler would wear a police mans uniform to lull his victims into a sense of false security.

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