Appearing in "The Man Who Lived Twice!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Man Who Lived Twice!"Edit

A man dying on the operating table finds that time has stopped for everybody but him. He intuits that eventually time will start back up, but he uses the time he has been given to do good deeds for people.

Appearing in "I Saved Mankind!"Edit

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Synopsis for "I Saved Mankind!"Edit

A man drives off aliens that were attempting to pour canisters into water reservoirs but the contents would have made people immune to disease.

Appearing in "Behind the Mask!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Behind the Mask!"Edit

A clown who can't have children finds an abandoned baby and takes him in only to discover the seeming infant is an alien spy. He is about to turn the creature in until he overhears the spy give his report to his superiors and requests that he be able to remain a human infant since he loves his adoptive parents.

Appearing in "The Mysterious Machine!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Mysterious Machine!"Edit

A man invents a machine that changes his wife from harping shrew to devoted haus frau.

Appearing in "The Unbelievable Man!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Unbelievable Man!"Edit

A man from 1793 uses a time machine to bring electronic parts from 1956 into the past for his experiments until he is interrupted by researchers. They force him to return to the past without the last component he needs for his work and all the electric lights around the world go out.

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