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Strange Tales Vol 1 178


Strange Tales Vol 1 178

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Quote1 Of course, I should have realized... those Creatures were my own inner Demons... and the Magus... Magus is latin for wise Man... Magician... Warlock!! Quote2
-- Adam Warlock

Appearing in "Who Is Adam Warlock?"Edit

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Synopsis for "Who Is Adam Warlock?"Edit

Sphinxor retells the Origin of Warlock, his encounters with Thor and the High Evolutionary, the Creation of Counter-Earth and Warlock's Battle against the Man-Beast

  • The Woman who wants to warn Warlock about the Universal Church of Truth is killed by the Grand Inquisitors so Warlock takes the Soul Gem to temporarily reanimate the Woman to learn more about is new Enemy
  • The Magus himself reveals himself to Warlock and he must realize, that his Foe is an alternate Version of himself

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