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Strange Tales Vol 1 119


Strange Tales Vol 1 119

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Quote1 Hi, Smokey Boy! Quote2
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "The Torch Goes Wild!"Edit

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:


Synopsis for "The Torch Goes Wild!"Edit

Mad that his girlfriend Doris is dating another man, being left behind from a FF vacation due to school, and his continued rivalry with Spider-Man has left the Torch in a foul mood. However, the Torch soon finds himself preoccupied when the being known as the Rabble Rouser has convinced city hall to pass ordinances that prevent the Human Torch from using his flame powers. It turns out that the Rabble Rouser has a mechanical wand provided to him by his Soviet employers to create discent in the States during the visit of a foreign prince.

When the prince is part of a parade, he is captured by the Rabble Rouser, prompting the Torch to go after him. After a quick battle the Torch grabs the Rouser's wand and uses it to convince him to become a model American before destroying it with his flame powers. Afterwards, Johnny is visited by Doris who tells him that she only dated another man to make him jealous.

Appearing in "Beyond the Purple Veil!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



Synopsis for "Beyond the Purple Veil!"Edit

Dr. Strange is up late at night studying a sinister gem when he discovers two common burglars breaking into his house. He sends them through the wall and leave them without calling the police. This encourages the thieves to return next evening after Strange has dismissed Wong and retreated to his study. They steal the strange gem and escapes. Dr. Strange quickly senses that something is wrong. The gem has transported the unsuspecting thieves to the Purple Dimension. Dr, Strange enters the Purple Dimension himself and is brought before its ruler, Aggamon the All-Powerful. Aggamon shows how his subjects are slaving in the mines digging for gems and then offers to release his captives if Dr. Strange takes their place. He accept, but breaks free of his shackles as soon as the two thieves have been returned. Aggamon attacks with his jeweled demolisher beam and Strange counters with his magic amulet. The contest lasts for hours and both grows weaker. At last the cowardly Aggamon gives up and surrenders. With his amulet Strange weakens Aggamon's powers and makes it so that only by releasing his captives may Aggamon regain his strength. Dr. Strange returns to his house where he learns that the two crooks have given themselves up and promised to live straight from now on.

Continuity Notes

The Torch Goes Wild!

  • One of the people against the Human Torch mentions how the Torch and Spider-Man are "always feuding". The pair have had a rocky relationship since Strange Tales Annual #2.

Beyond the Purple Veil!

  • Doctor Strange is wearing the Amulet of Agamotto here. It should not be confused with the Eye of Agamotto which Strange was not gifted with until Strange Tales #126.
  • This is the first time Wong is actually called by name.

Publication Notes

  • This issue's first story, "The Human Torch Goes Wild!", is Story # X-605 (as seen on page one).

  • No trivia.

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