Quote1 Where mankind is menaced by magic... there must Dr. Strange go to combat it! Quote2
-- Doctor Strange

Appearing in "The Man Who Became the Torch!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Man Who Became the Torch!"Edit

While the Torch is putting on a demonstration for the public, his old nemesis the Wizard escapes from prison using an anti-gravity disc of his own design. Using his new invention to commit crimes, he then later tricks the Torch into expending his flame powers by posing as a producer of a charity television program. Knocking out the temporarily powerless Torch, the Wizard disguises himself as the Torch and takes his place within the Fantastic Four in an attempt to conquer the group. His first act is to knock out the Invisible Girl and take her prisoner as well. However, the Torch sends out a flame signal to the other members of the Fantastic Four who free him.

Tracking down the Wizard, the Torch tries to attack him again, however the Wizard escapes with his gravity disc. Riding into the sky, the Wizard realizes too late that his disc has malfunctioned and he cannot shut it off. He floats into the upper atmosphere too fast for the Torch to catch.

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Synopsis for "The Possessed!"Edit

Doctor Strange spots supernatural forces at work in the Bavarian Alps. He travels to a valley there, where he discovers that many villagers have become possessed, walking around in a trance. He attempts to probe the mind of one of the possessed, but the possessing spirit flees before Strange can find him. Passing through a magical entrance, the fleeing spirit tells his master of the newcomer. The leader orders the spirit to take possession of Doctor Strange. Strange foils the possession attempt and by probing the spirit, he discovers they are beings from another dimension attempting to take control of the Earth. The possessed mayor arouses villagers against Doctor Strange, but the rabble is easily thrown back by Strange's magical might. Doctor Strange finds the hiding place of the invaders, defeats their leader in a battle of wills and forces the possessors to leave and never come back.

Continuity Notes

The Man Who Became the Torch!

  • The editor's note states that the last time that the Torch and the Wizard fought was Strange Tales #110. However, the last time they met was Untold Tales of Spider-Man #6. While published years later, Untold Tales of Spider-Man #6 takes place between the events of Strange Tales #110 and this issue.

The Possessed!

  • Although seen for the first time here, the Orb of Agamotto is not named until Doctor Strange #171.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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