Quote1 I realise now that the Torch has more power than I gave him credit for! Quote2
-- Namor

Appearing in "The Master of Flame Vs. The Monarch of the Sea!!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Master of Flame Vs. The Monarch of the Sea!!"Edit

When Johnny is once more not included in the planning for the Fantastic Four's next adventure, Johnny decides to prove himself to the others by taking on the Sub-Mariner one-on-one. Traveling out across the ocean, Johnny's search for Namor gets off to a bad start when his flame wears out and he has to stop on a ship to recuperate, is pegged as a stowaway and is forced to swab the deck until his powers return.

When his powers return to him, Johnny manages to get the attention of the Sub-Mariner who accepts his challenge. However, Namor has the edge of the Torch, and eventually douses his flame and sends him back to the mainland on the back of a dolphin. However, the Torch restores his flame and goes for a rematch, this time he manages to trap Namor in an underwater avalanche and is later picked up by a ship and returned to the mainland. Namor, however, manages to escape.

Returning home, Johnny collapses in bed from exhaustion, when Sue checks on him later, she figures he's spent the whole day sleeping.

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Appearing in "The Treasure of Planetoid 12"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Treasure of Planetoid 12"Edit

In the year 2100 a criminal hijacks a spaceship to be the first man to claim the treasure of planetoid 12. When he gets there, he finds nothing but water and mud. He thinks maybe it's oil or something valuable, but after he drinks it, he knows that it is merely water. The pilot that he forced along at gunpoint thinks he knows where the treasure is, but the criminal refuses to believe there is a treasure on planetoid 12 at all until he reverts back into an infant. The pilot has realized the treasure is the fountain of youth.

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Continuity Notes

The Master of Flame vs. The Monarch of the Sea!!

  • The length of time Johnny can flame on has limitations as first seen in Strange Tales #104, however, he eventually outgrows this weakness.
  • Namor exhibits the ability to imitate the skills of various marine animals, abilities that are completely phased out by his appearance in Fantastic Four #14.

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  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[1]

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