Quote1 But no flaming freak can defeat Paste-Pot Pete! If it's a showdown you want, you'll get it. Quote2
-- Paste-Pot Pete

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Synopsis for "The Human Torch Meets Paste-Pot Pete!"Edit

While at the bank, Johnny Storm is witness to a robbery by a new costumed criminal named Paste-Pot Pete, a criminal that uses specially made paste to trap his victim. After Paste-Pot robs the bank, Johnny tries to stop him, however Pete manages to escape when he gets on a motorcycle as an escape vehicle.

The Torch catches up with Paste-Pot just as he has succeeded in stealing a missile from the military in the hopes of selling it to foreign powers. The Torch is unable to stop Paste-Pot initially because he over taxed his flame powers, allowing Paste-Pot to capture the Torch and bind him to the rocket he stole. He launches it, hoping to kill the Torch.

Johnny's powers revive enough for him to free himself and get back on the trail of Paste-Pot Pete. The Torch tracks him down and manages to stop him by melting his truck. However, Paste-Pot manages to escape when he uses a paste line to hitch a ride on an airplane. However, his escape is a hollow victory, as he ends up falling out in the middle of the ocean.

The Torch meanwhile wonders if he's ever going to meet Paste-Pot Pete again.

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Text story

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1000 years ago a sorcerer turns an evil king into a frog. The frog escapes, and using a trance spell he learned from the sorcerer before his form was shifted, he sleeps for 1000 years reckoning that by that time any magic spell will be able to be countered. The trance works, and when he awakens, he travels towards the nearest house, but is astonished to see a giant frog walk out from it. He despondently returns to his burrow to put himself into a trance he will never wake from because he thinks he has slept for too long and humans have evolved into giant frogs. What he doesn't know is that the people in the house were just wearing frog costumes in order to attend a costume party.

Continuity Notes

The Human Torch Meets Paste-Pot Pete!

  • This story states that Johnny's public identity is secret. This was a pretense that the Torch put up for himself as revealed in Human Torch Vol 2 #1 Johnny did this to cover his bruised ego when nobody in Glenville initially believed he was the Human Torch. The Fantastic Four publicly revealed themselves just prior to Fantastic Four #3 as explained in Fantastic Four #543. Strange Tales #106 reveals that everyone knew about Johnny's "double identity" and were just humoring him.
  • Paste-Pot Pete isn't given a proper origin until Spider-Man #91 which reveals that he was a chemical scientist who found no joy in a legal job so he got into crime.
  • Pete eventually changes his name to the Trapster in Fantastic Four #38, however, he never lives down the fact that he used to go by this ridiculous name earlier in his career.
  • This is the first time that it is stated that Johnny can only flame on for a short period of time, a limitation that is phased out over time.

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  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[1]

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