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Quote1 It looked like any other television set...but when I turned the dial the screen turned into a reflection of shocking TERROR! Quote2
-- From the splash page of "A Call in the Night"

Appearing in "The Strange Men"Edit


  • Ted Halsey (Red Pigeon)
  • Jim Nelson
  • General Mortell
  • Sergeant


  • Saturnians
  • Dr. Lemut


  • Ted's plane
  • Saturnian planes


Synopsis for "The Strange Men"Edit

Doctor Lemut from Saturn discusses his plans for Earth conquest with a captured Navy pilot, but the man succeeds in escaping. Unfortunately for Earth, when the pilot attempts to warn his superior of impending attack the superior turns out to be one of Lemut's agents.

Appearing in "The Beast"Edit


  • Paul Lorenze
  • Roger Phillips
  • Professor Manheim


  • Hallturn University
  • Zoo

Synopsis for "The Beast"Edit

An evil man is regressed into an ape and he attacks and kills the experimenter. The authorities capture and place him in a zoo.

Appearing in "The Room That Didn't Exist"Edit


  • James Reston
  • Hotel manager
  • Vlad Dracula (Mentioned)
  • Luren
  • Karl


Synopsis for "The Room That Didn't Exist"Edit

A man encounters the ghost of a woman in the forest who used to lure travelers to their doom back in 1616.

Appearing in "A Call In The Night"Edit


  • Joe
  • Mary
  • Mr. Grey / Mr. Brown
  • Wulfken


  • Joe's home
  • Grayvesend
  • Sunnyside Road

Synopsis for "A Call In The Night"Edit

A TV repairman has a dream wherein his wife becomes the victim of a man who encases people in bronze. When he wakes, he finds the circumstances of the dream coming true.

Appearing in "Death!"Edit


  • Man
  • Hotel manager


Synopsis for "Death!"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.

  • No special notes.

  • No trivia.

See AlsoEdit

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