Originally the leader of the Killer-Folk, he was challenged for leadership by Seven-Scars but lost and was exiled from the tribe.[1]

At some point he joined up with the Hill-Folk, and when his tribe was captured by the Sky-Demons, he and White-Hair went in search of Devil Dinosaur.[2]

The trio went to the Tower of Death and used the Swarmers to destroy the aliens and the space-craft. When the aliens had been killed, all that remained behind was the Prime Computer.[3] The computer trapped White-Hair, Stone-Hand, and another hominid, Eev, proclaiming their guaranteed safety; however, White-Hair died due to radiation poisoning from Prime Computer and Stone-Hand tried to destroy the device. After damaging the machine slightly, Devil Dinosaur breached the shield and overloaded the computer, destroying it and freeing Eev and Stone-Hand, who left in search of starting a new life together.[4]



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