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Steven Rogers (Revolutionary War) (Earth-616)

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Captain Steven Rogers was a Revolutionary soldier who acted as the costumed Captain America of his era. He fought alongside Wallace Worthington and Ulysses Bloodstone.

While set to meet with Wallace, he found their house ablaze. He rescued a dying Wallace and his wife Elizabeth, learning the Hellfire Club was responsible.

Modern recounting

He was first recounted in modern times by his descendent Steven Rogers I, Captain America I where the Revolutionary Rogers killed Sir William Taurey in the Revolutionary War. Taurey's descendant has now sworn to kill the descendant of Rogers, who Taurey has found out was the weakling who was 4-F in World War II. Taurey has a larger plot ongoing as he plans to overthrow American society using the Madbomb which convert regular people into superpowered monsters. With one Madbomb already detonated, Rogers and Wilson decide to enlist SHIELD's help to find the remainder of these Madbombs before the entire country is effected. In their non costumed IDs, Rogers and Wilson allow themselves to be captured to find out the source of the Madbombs.

It is during their walkabout to discover the Madbomb source that the talk turns to Rogers' Revolutionary War ancestor. Wilson reacts somewhat negatively to Rogers' open praise of his ancestor, saying, that the Revolutionary Rogers probably owned slaves as did George Washington. Steve says that there is no historical record of Revolutionary Rogers owning slaves, despite many people of that time doing such. But Wilson seems unconvinced.[1]


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Revolutionary Rogers had all the weaknesses of an unenhanced human male (will fail upon lack of air, food, temperature and sleep)


regular iron shield

  • Despite being called "Captain America" by some, the Revolutionary War era Captain Steven Rogers is NOT recognized as official established Captain America which was created by the modern US government through the department of the US Army in World War II, while Captain Rogers acted even before the USA even existed as an independent established country.
  • Rogers I's own history is conflicted in later stories with both his own mother and father both being direct Irish immigrants versus Revolutionary Rogers being an established Revolutionary War hero whose family remains in the USA. It is not explained in-story yet as how both can be factual, even in the suggested case of one of Rogers I's later direct name ancestors leaving the USA to live for some generations in Ireland being returning to the USA with Captain America's own parents and the reason why such staunch USA supporters would abandon the USA for Ireland.

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