Captain America was one of the super-powered beings on Earth-7085 who somehow became a human-flesh-eating Werewolf.

With his fellow super-heroes, they ravaged their world, ate Galactus, and headed for Ash when he came to their world.[1]


Seemingly those of Steven Rogers of Earth-616, as well as Werewolves#Powers.


Captain America's Shield

  • The reveal of Earth-7085 in Marvel Zombies Vs. Army of Darkness is a reference to the double-page spread in Ultimate Fantastic Four #32 which in turn takes place after the Marvel Zombies' devouring of Galactus in Marvel Zombies #5.
  • While werewolf Captain America survived to devour Galactus, his zombie counterpart on Earth-2149 didn't, as the Red Skull took advantage of the exposed head wound Rogers had that was caused by Magneto, and pulled out Rogers' brain.[2][3]
  • Since Colonel America was defeated by the Red Skull due to his wound, it's possible that the werewolf version of Rogers either evaded his Magneto's attack or was not as severely injured and healed from it.
  • It's unknown if the Steve Rogers of this universe is named Captain America or Colonel America (Earth-7085's events seems to mirror Earth-2149 with some changes), since he's not named in any of the pages.

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