Steve was born in California, in the late 1950s to early 1960s. His father was supposedly the original Captain America.[1]


  • Captain America has superhuman strength, allowing him to lift his motorcycle over his head and then throw it, with unhuman accuracy, on top of a five-meter wall. Captain America's powers also allow him to jump such a height on a single leap, and to bend the steel bars in a cell's window.[2]


  • Captain America is a proficient fighter in hand-to-hand combat and an expert in the use of his shield. He used his shield to stop bullets, and he threw his shield with a boomerang effect so that the shield could hit his enemies either in the way out or in the way back. However, if the shield misses, it simply fell to his feet; he must grab it by hand or push it with his foot.[2]
  • Captain America is also a good driver, as proved when moving in his van or his motorcycle: Captain America can drive his motorcycle even inside the corridors of a building. He is proficient in the several gadgets of his bike, including a hang-glider and a turbo boost.[2]
  • Captain America was able to pinpoint the location of an enemy hiding in a forest by night.[2]
  • Steve Rogers is an artist who can draw and paint using several methods including watercolors and figure drawing; he claims to simply draw what he sees.[2]

Strength level

  • Superhuman; exact level unknown.[2]



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