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Steven Rogers was part of the Avengers, all turned into vampires. He was infected with eternal vampirism by Baron Blood, during his time in WWII, and he gained new powers, and, as a result of this, he infected a team of heroes with his vampirism, and turned them all into his personal slaves.

The Exiles appeared, and they attempted to fix Rogers' reality, but they had to face a vampirized Sunfire, thanks to Rogers. The rest of his team were killed one by one, and Rogers was decapitated by Mimic, with Wolverine's sharp claws. Unfortunately, Rogers survived, and reattached his head onto his own body. After Sunfire was cured of her vampirism, she attacked and destroyed the remnants of his team, including Rogers himself.


Seemingly those of Steven Rogers of Earth-616 plus vampire powers added.

The super soldier and vampire powers combined gives him enhanced strength, stamina, reflexes, agility, and teleportation. He also has a healing factor strong enough for him to survive being decapitated by Mimic.


Basic vampire weaknesses: garlic, sunlight, religious icons, etc. He was killed by Sunfire with a blast of fire to the head.


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