Leader of the Avengers. Captain America was recruited as part of a team to hunt, and restrain or kill mutants.[1]

During a mission to the mutant stronghold Fortress X, succumbing to a primal blood-lust, he killed Mystique, believing her to be a danger, only to find out that she was only protecting a group of mutant children. With her dying breath, Mystique forced Captain America to question what he had been doing.[2]

Realising his mistake, he called off the mission, kill Steel Corpse on this one orders (as he was being controlled by his armor to kill the mutant children), and led the Avengers in defence of Fortress X. He was killed battling the Hulk, but his words and actions inspired the mutant forces to organise and band together. Legacy absorbed his memories to honour his sacrifice.[2]


Seemingly those of Steven Rogers of Earth-616.


Captain America's Shield

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