A U.S. Marine serving under Captain Frank Castle in the final years of the Vietnam War. Goodwin eagerly anticipated being able to return home from the war, counting down the days until he was discharged. He stated that he will never return to Vietnam once he was discharged, saying that he had no wish to experience the terror of combat ever again.[2]

To stand a better chance of surviving his final days in Vietnam, Goodwin tried to stick close to Castle given his skill in combat; prior to the events of Born, Castle had never lost any men in combat. Goodwin became progressively terrified of Castle after seeing him remorselessly drown a Marine who had raped a female Viet Cong sniper (Castle himself killed the sniper while she was being raped); Castle later intimated to Goodwin that he wanted to punish the Marine for his actions.[3]

Castle opened up to Goodwin, telling him of his wife and children and how he felt they were his last chance; Goodwin was amazed that the deeply mysterious Captain Castle was confiding in him details about his life. Later, a massive force of Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army soldiers assault Firebase Valley Forge under the cover of a violent storm.[4] The Marines fought back against the vicious onslaught, but were overwhelmed rather quickly, leaving only Castle and Goodwin standing. U.S. military jets bombed the Firebase in an attempt to support the remaining Marines; Castle ordered Goodwin to pop smoke in order to ensure the jets did not hit their position and inadvertently kill them. Before Goodwin could react, however, he was bayonetted by a Viet Cong soldier. Before dying, Goodwin envisioned being on a plane bound for the United States with beautiful stewardesses tending to his every whim. Castle would go on to become the Firebase's sole survivor.[5]


U.S. Marine training


M-16 rifle, hand grenades, claymore mines

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