Quote1 I'll have to admit this looks mighty queer! These ropes holding the elephant were cut by a knife ... but, whose knife? Quote2
-- Steve Hardy src

Steve Hardy was a big-game hunter and wild animal collector visiting Belgian Congo to capture animals for a zoo. Brought to a plain by some guides he succeeded in capturing a number of animals, among those, a female elephant named Tuta. Tuta was part of the Trajah's herd. He sought the aid of Ka-Zar to rescue her and the other animals.

One morning Hardy awakened to learn that the animals were free and the natives believing that they were saved by Angwama the jungle god. Hardy dismissed this as superstition and lead the party into the jungle to find more animals. Coming across a rhino calf and her mother, he ordered the mother shot but the shooter was wounded by an arrow by Ka-Zar before he could fire.

The natives were frightened to the point where they retreated before they could be harmed by "Angwama" anymore. With no other choice, Hardy was forced to return with them empty handed.[1]

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