When Stephen arrived at the Temple in the Himalayas with the problem of not being able to perform surgery with his mangled hands, the Ancient One thought that dealing with Strange's hurting soul would be a good exercise for his student, Victor von Doom.

Instead, Victor cut off Stephen's hands and replaced them with "superior" mechanical ones, sending Strange packing.

Strange would later unsuccessfully attempt to save Doom's life after the latter's final battle with Dormammu. Strange would find himself forcibly shoved into a copy of Doom's armor, to have his entire brain reprogrammed with the imprint of Doom's before his death. In doing this, Doom ensured that his successor was an exact copy of himeself, which allowed for him to continue his legacy far into the future.[1]

He was later seen among the Parliament of Doom.[2]


Supremely skilled Surgeon due to mechanical hands given to him by Victor von Doom.

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