Stephen Strange was one of the first entities exiled by Korvac after killing the Avengers: He viewed Strange, Phoenix and Silver Surfer as the most immediate threats, and banished from the universe all three as quickly as he could.[1]

He would later find his way back, reuniting with the Silver Surfer and Phoenix in the void. The three attempted to resurrect Eternity, but were dissuaded by Eternity's ghost, who wanted to act as an object lesson for the multiverse. The Silver Surfer and Phoenix then left for parts unknown, but Dr. Strange reasoned that as a Sorcerer Supreme, he would not be welcome in another Sorcerer Supreme's universe. He instead decided to honor his vow and remain behind in the universe, even if he was all that was left of that universe, until he relaxes his grip on mortality and becomes one with the universe.[2]

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