A mercenary sorcerer, Stephen Strange used his mystical abilities to hunt down mutants for money on behalf of the Human Coalition. Tracking Dazzler, Gabriel Cohuelo and Angel Salvadore where he promptly vapourised Gabriel. Realising who it was they were facing, Alison panicked, but tried to fight back. Her battle was short lived however, Strange blasting Angel and forcing Dazzler to run.

Getting lost in the tunnels, Dazzler found her way to an exit only to be blocked off by Strange's unbreakable gate of Cyttorak. While she once again attempted to fight back, Strange quickly destroyed her.

Alison later awoke on Fortress X to discover Gabriel and Angel were still alive, as was she. It was then revealed to her that Strange had in fact been using his position to smuggle mutants to Fortress X right under the Human Coalition's noses. Expressing concern for him, Alison worried what would happen if the Soldiers attacking Fortress X recognised any of the mutants he had supposedly hunted, but he reassured her that the H.C. would turn on him eventually and he would rather give them a reason to.


Seemingly those of Stephen Strange of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Stephen Strange (Earth-616)#Abilities.

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