Stephen Morgan would gain notoriety in the early 1940's when he would become the notorious submarine pirate known as the Shark. Building an underwater headquarters 2 miles below the oceans surface he would send his minions out in a specially designed submarine to attack US vessels and loot them. All attempts to stop the Shark by US authorities would meet with failure, and eventually the Shark would brazenly demand US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to pay him a tribute otherwise he would increase attacks.

The President would seek out the aid of Professor Philo Zog inventor of the Electro robot to aid in stopping the Shark's attacks. Zog would have Electro disguised as the tribute and attack the Shark's Deep Sea Raiders forcing them to retreat back to base. Electro would hitch a ride on the sub back to the Shark's underwater headquarters.

There, the Shark would attempt to destroy Electro with his atom smasher weapon, however Electro would break free and destroy the weapon. Smashing through the airlock, Electro would cause the base to flood, leaving the Shark and his minions to drown, ending his menace.




The Shark had a high tech sub that could travel deeper into the ocean than any other human vessel available during the early 1940's


The Shark had an atom smashing weapon that was supposedly strong enough to even destroy the mostly invulnerable Electro robot.

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