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Countess Stephanie de la Spiroza is the widow of a wealthy European man. She inherited Dufours Precision Manufacturing from her husband after he was killed in an "accident" arranged by the Arms Merchant.

Having had a fling with Tony Stark that ended in her being rejected, she hired the Mad Thinker to kidnap Tony Stark in order to expose Iron Man's true identity.[1]

Years later, she hired Stark Solutions to save her from a hostile takeover by the Arms Merchant. She and Tony Stark put the past behind them and parted on good terms.[2][3]



Henri (De La Spiroza) (Earth-616)

Henri (De La Spiroza) (Earth-616)


Henri was the Countess' personal butler.[2]
When her chalet was blasted to smithereens by the Dreadnoughts, Henri and the countess hid in a saferoom behind the wine-cellar and survived the attack.[3]

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