Steed was an artificially evolved horse created by the High Evolutionary, as one of the third generation of the New Men. Since he had not yet completed his knightly training, he was not seen as a full member of the Knight of Wundagore and thus had no formal title such as "Sir" or "Lord".

Steed was among the Knights present when the Acolytes attacked the High Evolutionary's citadel on Wundagore Mountain. Jumping in front of a blast fired by Fabian Cortez meant for Quicksilver's daughter Luna, Steed was able to allow her to escape, but later died from his injuries.[1]


Humanoid Horse Physiology, enhanced intellect.


Skilled swordsmen and warrior

Strength level

Sir Steed has the strength speed of a Male Horse


Advanced Body Armor


Atomic Steed


Swords and other weapons

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