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Group of prisoners of the Shi'ar empire under the rule of Emperor D'Ken. They broke free of their bondage and became space pirates. They were led by Christopher Summers, who later rechristened himself Corsair.
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Shi'ar slave pits
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The past history of the Starjammers mirrors that of their Earth-616 counterparts. In recent history, it is unknown how many of the original members of the Starjammers still exist. Their current roster at least consists of Corsair, his son Havok and his girlfriend Polaris. They came back to Earth in recent times aware of the coming of the Celestials, and came to Earth to try and pick up Scott Summers. Scott refused to leave Earth without Jean Grey and declined to go with them. Some years later after the crisis passed, Corsair, Havok and Polaris came back to Earth to attend the wedding of King Britain and Medusa.


Transportation: The Starjammers travel through space in a star cruiser of the same name.

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