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Stane International


Base Of Operations
New York City

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Former Members
Vincent Martinelli (security director)

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Stane International was formed when Obadiah Stane took over Stark International. Stane was able to acquire Tony Stark's primary assets by manipulating the then dysfunctional alcoholic billionaire. The primary location of Stane International was at Stark's Long Island complex. Stane was kind enough to invite Stark to its opening. One of Stane's first actions as CEO was to reverse Stark's policy against the manufacture of weapons, with SHIELD coming back as one of the company's customers.

Upon Stane's takeover of the company, most of Stark's senior staff resigned. Vincent Martinelli remained on as security chief due to his unique personal circumstances.

Stane would later use the resources of the company to resume his campaign to ruin Tony Stark, developing the Circuits Breaker to destroy Stark's new company while kidnapping several of Stark's friends and associates. When one of Stane's attacks resulted in the death of Morley Erwin, Stark donned his newly-completed Silver Centurion Armor and flew to Stane International to confront Stane. Donning the Iron Monger Armor, Stane fought Stark, damaging sections of the Long Island compound and destroying the Stark International Arch. Outclassed by Stark's superior armor and experience, Stane committed suicide, rather than face justice.

Following Stane's death, Justin Hammer assumed control of Stane International, although he kept his influence well-hidden, and SHIELD activated a Life Model Decoy of Stane to conceal his death at first. Under Hammer, Stane International mass-produced the Guardsman Armor for use at the Vault, based upon Michael O'Brien's armor (which had been built by Stark himself). After Iron Man neutralized the original Vault Guardsmen armors and had a computer virus planted to eliminate records of his technology from the worlds' computers, Stane International built replacement suits, but with inferior technology.

Following the meltdown of a Stane nuclear power plant in Japan, the Masters of Silence attacked Stark, believing him to be responsible. Stark uncovered the truth, and discovered that Hammer was involved, Teaming with the Masters and donning the War Machine Armor, Stark paid a visit to Hammer's private island, and convinced him to sell Stane international to Stark Enterprises for the sum of one dollar.

This transaction proved to be detrimental in the short term to Stark Enterprises, as Stane International's disreputable business practices quickly came to light. After dealing with the ramifications of some immediate crises that arose due to the acqusition, Stark ordered an immediate shutdown of Stark Enterprises in order to reorganize and deal with the Stane assets. Once Stark Enterprises resumed operations, Stane International had ceased to exist.

Other Members

Charlie (Stane International) (Earth-616)

Charlie (Stane International) (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 1 200 0001


Charlie was a long Island radar station attendant. When Iron Man with his new armor went to Long Island to face Obadiah Stane, Charlie and his colleague thought they had spotted something on the radar, but as Iron Man became invisible, the two could not visually identify him and so they thought they had taken a mistake.[1]


Equipment: Iron Monger Armor, Mandroid Armor, Circuits Breaker (Earth-616)

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