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Dolan and her partner, Detective Brett Mahoney were tasked with solving the murder of a John Doe, despite the fact that they learn that he is not identifiable by any earthly means and that his death was witnessed by the Watcher.[1] They locate a witness who places Jaafar Yoosuf at the scene. Dolan had arrested Yoosuf months earlier for trying to buy superpowers. Her investigation leads to Yoosuf's apartment where she is shot by one of her own police officers. The investigation is turned upside down when ballistics show the bullets in John Doe came from her gun. After her arrest, she survives a failed assassination attempt by Dominic Fortune.[2]

Dolan discovers that Fortune is a member of a black ops team, Vanguard and convinces them that she is innocent by exposing Yoosuf as a villain who has the ability to possess the minds of others. When she captures Yoosuf, he is killed by Blade.[3] The John Doe arrives at their facility to reveal that he is a former Vanguard member, Trenton Craft known as Colonel America and that his telekinetic powers allowed him to survive his murder and autopsy. Unfortunately, he has to destroy Dolan and the entire team roster to preserve the secret identity of Vanguard.[4]

The Vanguard members survive thanks to the intervention of Retcon whose powers allowed Craft to think he had killed them, but they are all forced to go into hiding. Later, Dolan sneaks into the apartment of her former partner, Mahoney, to give him a written account of the investigation. She warns him that after he's read it, he'll realize he can't tell anybody--but she didn't want to possibly die without sharing the truth with someone.[5]

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