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St. John Allerdyce would be one of the many mutants who were placed in the Slave Pens of Apocalypse. Experimented on by the Dark Beast he gained the ability to generate flames on his own, but not without burning himself in the process. He and a number of other mutants would escape from the Slave Pens, only to be hunted down by the Elite Mutant Force. He would be killed by Havok. His corpse would be turned over to the Dark Beast to be melted down to it's core components to be used in the creation of more Infinites.

Pyro was among the Alphas' corpses gathered by Sugar Man and McCoy to be resuscitated and join Weapon Omega's forces.[1]


Pyro was an Alpha[2] mutant with the following ability:

  • Pyrokinesis
    • Fire Generation: Pyro is able to generate fire on his own, due to the Dark Beast's tampering. However, it pains him and burns him severely to do so.


Pyro isn't immune to the flame he generate, causing him to be burned automatically as soon as he use his powers.

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  1. Age of Apocalypse #3
  2. As he was among the mutants to be resurrected in the Alpha Lab: Age of Apocalypse #3

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