Sssthgar is not one individual, it is really the title meaning "Leader of the Sssth".

The original Sssthgar had strength to rival the Mighty Thor and an axe that did not shatter when it impacted with Mjolnir. This leader and his forces were able to defeat and capture notable Asgardians such as Heimdall and the All-Father Odin. In a later battle on the planet Golden Star (and with help from his fellow Sssth confederates), Ssssthgar was also able to defeat the Thunder god. When Thor freed himself and led another assault on the Sssth, Hildegarde came behind Sssthgar and put a blade to his throat with a promise to slit it if he did not yield. Sssthgar freed the Asgardians, and Thor left him to face the wrath of the now free citizens of Golden Star.[1]

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