Squire Gulo was an evolved wolverine created by the High Evolutionary as one of his New Men, animals given humanoid form and intelligence. As a member of his master's high guard, the Knights of Wundagore, he served directly under Lady Shadra and was regard as the "fiercest of the weasel folk". He took part in the earliest battle against the Man-Beast after he ousted the Evolutionary from his own citadel, and later joined his creator on his journey into space.[1]


Gulo's mustelid physiology likely gave him some degree of enhanced strength, as well as sharp claws and teeth.



Like Lady Shadra, he appears in flashback to events that would have taken place in Thor #134 and #135, but is not actually present in the original issues. However, it is likely that he is one of the many unnamed Knights that fought against the Man-Beast in his first appearance.

His name likely comes from Gulo gulo, the scientific name for a wolverine.

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