Squint Johnson was a counterfeiter who was active during the days of the American Frontier. He operated out of Horsehead Junction, a small town in Texas near the Mexican border. He had his counterfeit bills made in Mexico and then smuggled them in the United States in a most peculiar fashion: By cutting off the horns of male cattle and building hollowed out ones which he and his posse stuffed with the phony money and smuggled into the United States. Most were unaware of his operation, but he soon gained the attention of the Governor of Texas.

Involved in local affairs, Squint led a posse of men to try and capture a wild Paloino Stallion that had stolen a prize mare from a rancher, but they failed to capture the wild horse. Returning to town they found outlaw Tex Morgan and his Native American partner Lobo in the local saloon. With a bounty on Morgan's head, Squint tried to gun down Morgan but Morgan and his companion managed to flee. Squint then went back into his counterfeiting business.

In the meantime, the charges against Morgan were dropped by the Governor of Texas who then appointed Tex as a US Marshall and put him on an undercover mission to put a stop to Squints counterfeit organization. Squint caught Tex and Lobo attempting to rope a steer that had broken away while they were removing its horns and tried to chase him off, but Tex's gunfighting skills were greater that Squint and his gang and they were forced to flee. Spotting Tex in town, Squint led the sheriff and a posse after Morgan who led them to a ranchers farm where Tex revealed how where the counterfeit money was hidden. Squint managed to flee while his posse was either gunned down or arrested.

Squint then followed Tex back to the office of the governor. There, as Tex accepted his full pardon from the governor, Squint tried to shoot him dead. Tex was faster at the draw than Squint and killed him.


Squint rode a horse.


Squint was armed with a six-gun.

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