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Spyder's origin is unknown, and no other representatives of his species have been seen. It is believed that Spyder captured Lila Cheney on Earth to sell her as a slave. However, he later extinguished the right to redeem a mortgage to the buyers so that they went broke, and Spyder got a profit.[1]

He tried then to double his profit by recapturing Cheney, a teleporter, and using her as a cheap intergalactic transport. Spyder's mercenaries captured Cheney during one of her rock concerts (Cheney was also a rock star), and then Spyder returned to his native planet with her. Spyder also used alien Gosamyr as a bait so that Cheney's allies, the New Mutants could track him. Spyder then captured the New Mutants, but Gossamyr freed them.[2]

During the following fight, three males of Gossamyr's species were fred from hybernation and threatened to destroy Spyder's planet. Apparently, Cheney sacrificed her life by teleporting with them to a nearby star. The New Mutants then prepared to fight Spyder, but one of the New Mutants, Magik was losing her powers and teleported them to Earth before it was too late.[3]


  • Emotional Control: Apparently, Spyder's species cannot feel any emotion per se. However, Spyder collects "bottled emotions" that he uses whenever he thinks there is a need to feel an emotion.
  • Multiple Limbs: Spyder has shown four limbs that be can used at once.
  • Web: It is unclear if Spyder can generate his web naturally or if it is an artificial construct.


Spyder has shown a great skill for business, although he is unfamiliar with business practices on Earth. It has been hypotesized that he would consider them to be childish.


  • Flight platform: On combat situations, Spyder rides a platform which, although slow, provides a deflection sphere to protect anyone on it.
  • Spaceship: Spyder uses a big spaceship (500 tons of storage and shields) to fly through hyperspace. He is said to have some small shuttles and freighters.


Spyder is prone to use mercenaries instead of fighting himself.

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