Spike Green (Earth-616) 001
Spike Green was a criminal who ended up framing Jim Hansen for a capital crime that he did not commit, placing him on death row. Hansen would happen to be a friend of Clara Crandall, herself a friend of Marvex the Super-Robot. As fate would have it, Marvex would help capture Spike during one of his most recent bank heists landing him in the same prison as Hansen.

Realizing that Hansen could recognize him and prove that he had been guilty of the crime Jim was falsely accused of, Spike plotted to break out of prison. However, this prison break would be opposed by Marvex. After Spike would fail to eliminate the robot by putting him on the electric chair, Marvex would stop the prison riot and force Green to confess to his crimes.[1]

His fate is unrevealed, but presumably he was placed on death row and executed for his crimes.

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