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Still in L.A., Jessica Drew spends some time out as Spider-Woman before calling David Ishima back home in San Francisco. As this happens, it turns out there is a group of thugs who have been committing a series of clothing and textile-related robberies. Returning to the hotel where she and her friend Lindsay McCabe have been staying while in Los Angeles, Jessica learns that Lindsay has had no luck finding any acting roles. Declining to join Lindsay at a Hollywood party, Jessica opts instead to visit her old friend Jack Russell, the Werewolf by Night.

Deciding to first patrol her old stomping grounds as Spider-Woman, Jessica feels downcast seeing the changes Los Angeles has gone through since she had left. Breaking up a drug delivery, Spider-Woman finds herself drugged. Jack Russell, once more unemployed due to his condition as the Werewolf, notes that it's going to be a full moon.

Meanwhile, Spider-Woman revives and finds herself in the crooks' hideout, with their leader: The Gypsy Moth. Spider-Woman also finds that the Moth (who has a hatred towards Hollywood due to being jilted by an actor) also has Lindsay as her hostage after drugging her drinks. Battling the Moth, Spider-Woman's costume and hair are left ragged due to the Moth's power over cloth and fibers. During the fight, Spider-Woman gains the upper hand and defeats her opponent. However, the Gypsy Moth disappears when Jessica turns her attention back to Lindsay who has passed out from her drugging.

Taking Lindsay to the hospital for treatment, Jessica finally decides to go and visit Jack Russell, whom she stays beside as he deals the task of chaining himself up to ensure that the Werewolf does not terrorize the people of L.A.

  • Gypsy Moth's origin is revealed in this issue. Earliest chronological appearance.

  • No trivia.

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