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Spider-Woman is pondering her lot in life, when she spots Brother Grimm attacking a car being driven by a diamond dealer. Confronting Brother Grimm, he blasts her off the side of a cliff. When she gets control of her gliding and swoops back up, she finds Grimm and the diamonds gone. The diamonds are given to one of Grimm's thugs, who has him plant them in another man's car, douse the unconscious driver with alcohol and dump him off a cliff. However, before he can complete his task, he's confronted by the Hangman, who is told of the scheme. After learning of the plot, the Hangman hangs the crook, and goes off to find Grimm.

The next day, as she is having lunch with Magnus, Priscilla Dolly and her boys, Jessica learns that her father Jonathan briefly boarded in their home, and that William Dolly worked at Pyro-Technics with him. She explains to them that Jonathan is her father, and that he was murdered and she is looking for his killer. When Jessica presses William for more answers, he excuses himself from the table.

Changing into her Spider-Woman costume, Jessica decides to go and check out the connection between her father, Pyro-Technics, and Congressman James Wyatt. Wyatt, meanwhile, dismisses his wife and begins making calls to try and eliminate Spider-Woman, while elsewhere Jerry Hunt has arrived in Los Angeles (met by Bill Foster) and has begun asking around to see if people have seen Spider-Woman.

As Spider-Woman breaks into the Pyro-Technics building to find more clues, the Hangman attacks one of Brother Grimm's safe houses, and demands that the crooks there tell him everything. Back at Pyro, Jessica accidentally stumbles into a wind tunnel device. She almost gets chopped up in the fan, but thanks to her superhuman strength, she manages to destroy the device. Tracking down William Dolly, she tries to get him to tell her what he knows about Jonathan Drew, but she is attacked by Brother Grimm. During the fight a blaze sparks up, and before Spider-Woman can stop Brother Grimm, she's roped up by the Hangman.

The Hangman has decided to "save" Spider-Woman from Brother Grimm, and leaves the villain to perish in the blaze while he drags the hog-tied Spider-Woman out of the complex. As the building explodes, the Hangman tells her that he will keep her safe forever, in his very own dungeon.

This story is continued next issue...

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Spider-Man is able to stop the Home Wrecker’s destructive rampage through the judicious application of packaged snacks.

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