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Spider-Woman Vol 1 38


Spider-Woman Vol 1 38

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Appearing in "Criminal At Large!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Ben Disraeli (Principal Director of the San Francisco Repertory Theatre)


  • San Francisco
    • San Francisco Mint
    • Yarbro Court
    • Hunter-Dulin Building
  • Suisun Bay



  • Liberty Ships (World War II freighters)

Synopsis for "Criminal At Large!"Edit

Framed for the theft of Vibranium by Black Tom Cassidy, Juggernaut and Siryn, Spider-Woman is taken into police custody. However, she breaks free and flees. Resuming her civilian guise, she apologizes to her friends David Ishima and Lindsay McCabe for suddenly leaving the housewarming party. At that moment, Storm, Colossus, and Angel show up. Speaking to Jessica in private, they reveal that they know that she is really Spider-Woman, and that they are members of the X-Men and ask for her help in trying to find the new mutant that their Cerebro machine located in the area.

Agreeing to work together, the X-Men and Spider-Woman track the three villains to a derelict ship. Working together, they manage to defeat both Black Tom and Siryn. During the fight, Spider-Woman and Storm combine their powers and manage to blast the Juggernaut into the water, where he is lost at sea. As they turn Black Tom over to the authorities, he tells all present that Theresa is the daughter of his cousin, Sean Cassidy (Banshee) and leaves her in Storm's care.

After the adventure, Jessica Drew gets her own office, where she proudly hangs up her newly earned private detective's license.

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