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Los Angeles, California, and a pair of costumed twins called the Brother Grimm are terrorizing a stage production of Hansel and Gretel and rob the audience of their valuables. Later they terrorize the home of Congressman James T. Wyatt, where they try to blackmail the Congressman out of $50,000. When Wyatt complied, he was locked in a safe to die. Meanwhile, Jessica Drew and her friend Magnus arrive in Los Angeles, where Jessica begins looking for a job and lodgings as well as continuing her search for her father.

With Magnus's help, Jessica finds out that her father is dead, but assumes that Magnus is manipulating her. However, Magnus advises her that he only wishes to help her learn the truth behind her father's death. The two of them end up taking rooms with Priscilla Dolly, an eccentric landlady who has two sons named Jacob and William.

That night as Spider-Woman, Jessica breaks into police headquarters to find information on her father, and takes a whole file. Taking it home (after overhearing Congressman Wyatt complaining to the police about how he was attacked by the Brothers Grimm) she learns that her father worked for a company called Pyro-Technics and that he had ties with the Congressman. When Jessica confronts the Congressman at his office looking for answers, the Senator tries to shoot her, but she disarms him with a venom blast. Just then, one of the the Brothers Grimm bursts into the room, having realized that Wyatt gave him counterfeit money, he has come violently demanding more.

Defeating Brother Grimm, Spider-Woman flees the scene when she hears police sirens approaching. When the police come to apprehend Brother Grimm, they find him uncooperative. Meanwhile, Congressman Wyatt begins to believe that Spider-Woman is a threat, since she overheard Brother Grimm speak about the counterfeit money. On her way back to her apartment, Spider-Woman is once more attacked by Brother Grimm, whom she battles, but finds to be seemingly more jovial than his previous grim demeanor. Grimm tells her to stay out of his affairs, before fleeing the scene. When Jessica returns home to inform Magnus of what happened, she hears a radio announcement proclaiming that Brother Grimm escaped from police custody: A whole hour after she fought him last!

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