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Jessica Drew, as Spider-Woman, finds herself drawn to Britain's Natural History Museum in London, and specifically towards Morgan le Fay's Excalibur. However before she can pull the sword out of the stone, she is confronted by officers of Scotland Yard and is forced to flee. This gives Jason "Slapper" Struthers, a moment alone to pull the sword out himself. In doing so, he is connected through the ages to Morgan le Fay, who chooses him to be her tool in the modern age. She sends the soul of a knight to possess Struthers' body changing him into her warrior, Excalibur. When the police officers hear the commotion, Excalibur attacks them, drawing Spider-Woman back to defend them, but she is knocked out by one of his mystical blasts for long enough to allow him to escape.

Later, as Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman attempts to find employment with minimual success. Walking the streets of London she is drawn into the shop of Charles Magnus, who promises to read her fortune for free. He tells her that he sees a great destiny in store for her. Meanwhile, Mordan le Fay causes Struthers to transform into Excalibur once more and sends him on a rampage towards Magnus' shop to destroy a book of spells. This attracts the attention of SHIELD agent Jerry Hunt, and Jessica Drew, who goes into action as Spider-Woman. She battles Excalibur and manages to defeat him, knocking the sword from his hand and causing Excalibur to revert back into Struthers.

After the battle, Magnus convinces Spider-Woman to join him in traveling to America, a request she accepts. However, she leaves a note for Jerry advising her where she has gone, pinned to Struthers' sweater. In reading the note, Hunt decides to take a leave of absence from his work with Scotland Yard to go to America.

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