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After being defeated by the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom decided to try to ally with Spider-man against them.[1] To find Spider-man, Doom intended to build a specific machine that broadcast impulses only Spider-man would hear.[1][2] Doom deduced that Spider-man had spider-related sensory powers, thus a transmitter using the same wave-length of a living spider -kept within a spheric fishbowl.[1]

The transmitter sent only audio messages, without video[1] with a five-mile range, and only spiders and spider-related individuals could hear those.[2] Those people, however, could track the impulse to its point of origin.[1][2]

Doom built and used this device from a hidden laboratory somewhere in New York City,[1][2] where he would meet with Spider-man. Understanding that the interview may not be successful, Doom sent a robot doppleganger of himself to talk with Spider-man while Doom himself remained hidden behind the curtains.[1]

Doom destroyed the laboratory, apparently along with this item, soon after the meeting.[1]


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The book Machines of Doom explains that this item was probably still operative in the hidden laboratory Doom used to create it. However, in Amazing Spider-Man #5, Doom destroys this laboratory soon after meeting Spider-Man.

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