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The Great Hunt, The Culling, Edge of Spider-Verse, Spider Season, Dirtbag Season, Spider-War, An Apocalyptic Multiversal Spider-Orgy, Spider-Verse Saga, Totem War[1]
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London, England (Earth-311); Nueva York (Earth-TRN588); New York, New York (Earth-90214); Horizon Labs {Earth-616); Earth-772; Earth-58163; Earth-14132; Earth-10919; Mumbai, India, (Earth-50101); Earth-8351; Earth-12131; Earth-12041; Earth-TRN453; Earth-TRN454; Earth-TRN455; Earth-TRN456; Earth-TRN457; Earth-TRN458; Earth-TRN461; Earth-65; Earth-2818; Earth-001; Earth-1771; Ikegami Medical Center, Atlas City, (Earth-31411); Octavius High, (Earth-TRN450); Otherworld; New York City, (Earth-1983); Earth-999; (Earth-7831); New York City, (Earth-14512); Avengers Tower, (Earth-98120); Earth-6375; Earth-96099; Forest Hills, Queens, (Earth-982); Loomworld, (Earth-001); Moon, New Lunar York, Armstrong Park, (Earth-449); Earth-13; Earth-1610; Earth-94; Earth-15011; Earth-70237; Earth-8545; Earth-7122; The Stadium, (Earth-803); Earth-51914; Earth-11; Earth-77013; Earth-981; Baxter Building, (Earth-802); Earth-13989; Earth-67; Earth-21205; Sims Tower (Earth-3145); Japan, (Earth-51778); Japan, (Earth-7041); Earth-8847; Earth-8847; Earth-30847; Earth-7082; Earth-138; Mexico D.F., Mexico, (Earth-TRN521); Earth-TRN389; Parker Residence, (Earth-3123)
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Marion Jane Watsonne, George Stacy, Anna, Gabriel O'Hara, Fantastic Five (Human Torch Thing, Mister Fantastic), Wolverine, Alex, Mary Jane Watson (Earth-TRN455), Iron Mouse (Earth-TRN456), S.H.I.E.L.D. Unlimited (Nick Fury), Black Cat (Earth-TRN461), John Jonah Jameson (Earth-TRN461), Mary Jane Watson (Earth-TRN461), Carlie Cooper (Earth-TRN461), J. Jonas James' Son (Earth-TRN458), Merlin, Spider-Horse, J. Jonah Jameson (Earth-TRN453), J.Joanna Jameson, Nicole Fury, Harriet Osborn, John Jonah Jameson (Earth-TRN457), Felicia Hardy (Earth-90214), May Parker (Earth-90214), Mary Jane Watson (Earth-90214), The Mary Janes (Mary Jane Watson, Glory Grant, Elizabeth Brant (Earth-65)), John Jonah Jameson (Earth-65), Matt Murdock, Dr. Kaori Ikegami, Hannah Ikegami, Sara Jane, Uncle Ted, Gene, Alcorps Industries, Spider-Friends (Iceman, Firestar) Ms. Lion, Beastials (Lord Tyger), Captain Britain Corps (Majestrix Saturnyne, Lady Roma, Captain Lionheart), Oscorp (Daredevil, Aunt May, Uncle Ben, SP//dr (Peni's father), Avengers (Earth-98120), (Captain America, Wolverine, Captain Marvel), Timestrom George O'Hara, LY.L.A., Mary Jane Watson (Earth-6375), Radioactive Spiders, Benjy Parker, Wes Westin, Mary Jane Watson (Earth-982), New Warriors (Nova, Water Snake), Mr. Robertson, Bannon, Katzenberg, John Jonah Jameson (Earth-449), Peter Parker (Earth-15011), Benjamin Parker (Earth-15011), May Reilly (Earth-15011), Mary Jane Watson (Earth-11), Eugene Thompson (Earth-11), May Reilly (Earth-11), Ms. Kraven, Ben Parker (Earth-11), Mary Jane Watson (Earth-77013), Daily Bugle (Earth-67) (J. Jonah Jameson, Betty Brant), Dr. Smythe, Dr. Madison, Punisher 2099, Spider-Horse, Peter Parker (Earth-3145), Mary Jane Watson (Earth-7122), Tiger Spirit, Mr. Mighty, Shango, Spider-Punk's Spider Army (Captain Anarchy), Arácnido I, Ezekiel Sims (Earth-3145), Peter Parker (Earth-3145), Uncle Ben, Peter Parker (Earth-3123), Lord Harold Osborne, Namor

Event Synopsis

After sensing that Silk was released from captivity by Spider-Man, Morlun stated that the Great Hunt, where he and his family would kill every Spider-Totem in the Multiverse, had begun.[2]

As the Inheritors killed numerous Spider-themed heroes, the time-displaced Spider-Man (Otto Octavius) created a team to fight the enemies.[3]

Meanwhile, other villains were embarked in similar quests. Earth-12041's Goblin tried to gather the DNA from different Spider-Men across multiple universes,[4] and the Multiversal Sinister Six attempted to conquer numerous universes by taking the Isotope-8 from one in specific.[5]

And while the Great Hunt takes place, the Spider-Army must find a way to defeat Morlun, Karn, and the rest of the Inheritors once and for all.

List of Casualties

These are the known forty-two "Fallen Spiders" already hunted down and slayed by an Inheritor, according to Karn, his family has hunted many Spider-Totems, including hundreds of Spiders.[6] For a complete list of casualties, either Spider-Totems or not, see this category.



  • When asked if Spider-Boy would appear in Spider-Verse, Dan Slott sarcastically replied, "Oh yeah, DC is going to let us do that, I'm sure. Let me call my DC contact right now."[33]
    • However Spider-Boy partially appeared as a cameo/easter egg in the last page of Spider-Verse #2.
  • Dan Slott was inspired by his own work on the game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions to conceive Spider-Verse.[34]
  • Spider-Verse was originally going to be a story set during Superior Spider-Man, and would've run in the place of the Necessary Evil and Darkest Hour story arcs.[35]
  • Due to the fact that the Inheritors were hunting down Spider-Men, women, and children all across the multiverse, no children were harmed in the Spider-Verse storyline.

Edge of Spider-Verse


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