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Firestar and Iceman attend an X-Men reunion, as Spider-Man encounters the Juggernaut who is headed in his friend's direction, to crush his half brother, Charles Xavier. While talking with the new members of the X-Men, Firestar is asked what it was like to grow up with her powers. She talks of how her inability to control her powers earned her the nickname "Ms. Angelica Jinx" by her childhood rival, Bonnie. But one day after saving her father's life in a construction accident she realizes that she should use her powers to help people. She talks how she joined the X-Men and is about to go into detail about her days in college when the Juggernaut breaks into the X-Mansion (with no Spider-Man to be seen and apparently defeated). The X-Men fight the Juggernaut but to no avail. He works his way through their defense one by one. Just as he is about to reach Xavier, Spidey shows up to pull Xavier from the Juggernaut's reach. Given time to regroup, the Spider-Friends manage to remove the Juggernaut's helmet, leaving him defenseless to Xavier's mental powers.


  • Disgustingly upsetting to comic book fans at the time, Wolverine was disposed of rather quickly by the Juggernaut in this episode, Wolverine's first animated appearance. His trademark adamantium claws possibly weren't suitable for Saturday morning cartoons in the early 1980s. Not coincidentally, he didn't even appear in the episode The X-Men Adventure .


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