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  • N.Y.P.D. Police Car

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Captain George Stacy is brought in to investigate and track down a mysterious serial killer. Captain Stacy’s brother Arthur Stacy had a theory about a superhuman being created and born which will soon take over society as we know it. George Stacy shrugs off his brother’s ideas as fantasy, much to his later regret.

Captain Stacy is called to the Oscorp site when a police officer was attacked by a creature lurking around the grounds. Captain Stacy on the CEO Norman Osborn's request has refused any one else from the department to visit. Captain Stacy requests from Osborn that the new head of security be his own brother Arthur Stacy.

Captain Stacy and his brother enter the building with an armed platoon of police officers looking for the mysterious assailant. They are brutally attacked by a shadowy goblin like creature with sharp claws. The mysterious creature manages to escape but Captain Stacy discovers a bunch of red fluid on the floor. Arthur stays on site when his brother leaves and on his rounds he finds an Oscorp employe badge on the floor belonging to Dr. Nels Van Adder.

Arthur Stacy tries to find a connection between Dr. van Adder and the creature so he confronts Norman Osborn about it. Norman Osborn tells him that Dr. van Adder was a disgruntled employe and was fired many months ago. This does not stop Arthur Stacy’s questioning as it does not explain why Dr. van Adder’s badge was found lying on the floor. Norman Osborn leaves to get away from his meddling employee.

Osborn sits in a laboratory, frustrated that he can't locate the missing notes from his former partner, Dr. Mendel Stromm. Osborn is the interrupted by a red goblin-like beast, who is revealed to be a mutated Dr. van Adder or as he will later be known as the Proto-Goblin. The mutated researcher confronts Osborn, and tries to explain what happened, and now that he has used himself as a guinea pig he can never return home to his beloved wife. The Proto-Goblin reveals that he killed the two men by mistake and regretted his action blaming it on the transformation.

Arthur tries to do his own research into the scientist and notices that there was never any terminaton papers filed for a Dr. Nels Van Adder. Captain Stacy and his brother travel to Oscorp to confront Norman Osborn, but they find the Proto-Goblin about to attack him. The two brothers try to stop the creature, but bullets do not seem to have an effect on his tough hide. Arthur finally knocks the Proto-Goblin through a window where he falls into the nearby river.

Norman Osborn explains to the brothers that Dr. Nels Van Adder was a former research assistant of Dr. Mendel Stromm who he was no longer in business with. Norman Osborn explains about Dr. van Adder's work on experimenting with some biotechnology developed by Dr. Stromm and him, and used this to mutate himself. After the brother leave and Osborn looks through the reckage he finds Dr. Stromm's hidden notes, which would later be used to create the "Goblin formula" that mutates him into the Green Goblin.

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