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Spider-Man Unlimited Vol 2 3


Spider-Man Unlimited Vol 2 3

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Appearing in "Enter the Brute!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Enter the Brute!"Edit

This issue starts with Peter Parker who just got a new job as the main photographer in the Daily Byte, a parallel version of the Daily Bugle. His boss wants new pictures that don't have any connection with Spider-Man, so he sends Peter to hang with a rich snob called Reed Richards.

Peter's mission is to take picture of the Counter-Earth's Reed Richards party on the rooftop, during the party Spider-Man encounters the Brute, Reed's mutant form that attacks everyone on the rooftop, Spider-Man beats him and learns all about the parallel Reed Richards.

  • The Brute is actually a mutant result of one of Reed's experiments to get closer to the Beastials.

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