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  • Maglev
  • Tyler Stone's Hoverchair (Hologram)

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Continuity Notes

  • This is the last Spider-Man 2099 issue written by Peter David, who had decided to leave the entire 2099 brand after its editor, Joey Cavalieri, had been fired.
  • Goblin 2099's identity became a twisted mess due to Peter David's abrupt departure from Spider-Man 2099. David only intended Gabe to be a red herring for the Goblin identity, and planned to reveal Father Jennifer D'Angelo was the Goblin. When David left the title two issues before cancellation, a dialogue box was added in this issue during editing that deliberately shifted a conversation between Jennifer and Gabe to pin the Goblin identity on him.[2] The fill-in writer for Spider-Man 2099 #45 explicitly pointed the finger at Gabriel. This was later retconned in 2099: Manifest Destiny #1 where the characters established that Gabe was not the Goblin, but had been framed by a shape changer whose true identity remained unknown. When David restarted to write Spider-Man 2099, he decided to use the "alternate reality escamotage" to retcon Goblin's identity as Father Jennifer.[3]

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