"The Hunter and the Hunted"

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"The Hunter and the Hunted"
Art Vitello

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Synopsis for "The Hunter and the Hunted"

J. Jonah Jameson decides to hire Kraven the Hunter to capture the last known sabre-tooth tiger as a mascot for the Daily Bugle. The large cat in question is actually Zabu, companion of the jungle-lord Ka-Zar of the prehistoric Savage Land. Kraven goes to the savage land and uses his mystic potion to give him the strength necessary to force Zabu into one of his traps. With Zabu now captured by Kraven, he travels by plane back to New York with the animal. Ka-Zar discovers that his companion has been taken from the Savage Land, and spotting the Bugle's plane, he follows it to New York. On land in New York, Zabu's cage falls to the ground from a faulty crane cable, narrowly missing a gleeful Jameson. Both Kraven and Spidey attempt to subdue Zabu, and it is one of Spidey's webs that finally allows Zabu to be restrained. After Zabu has been recaptured Ka-Zar finally manages to get to New York, where his valiant efforts to search for his friend causes havoc on the streets of the city. Eventually as a result of his actions, he attracts the attention of and subsequently meets up with Spider-Man. Although there is a slight conflict of interest between the two at first, Spidey ultimately volunteers to assist Ka-Zar in his quest to free Zabu. Upon hearing of Ka-Zar's arrival in New York, Kraven prepares to capture him using his technologically-advanced training ground, with Zabu as the bait. Ka-Zar goes to the Bugle to get Jameson to give Zabu back to him, and whilst being manhandled by Ka-Zar, Jameson gets a phone call from Kraven, telling him to lure Ka-Zar to his training ground. Using his powerful equipment, Kraven manages to catch Ka-Zar, Jameson and Mortimer, leaving Spider-Man alone to rescue Ka-Zar and Zabu, and defeat Kraven.


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