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Modern-Age, Spider-Man: Chapter One Vol 1, Bob Harras/Editor-in-Chief, John Byrne/Cover Artist, John Byrne/Writer, John Byrne/Penciler, John Byrne/Inker, John Kalisz/Colourist, John Byrne/Letterer, Ralph Macchio/Editor, Peter Parker (Earth-98121)/Quotes, Peter Parker (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Benjamin Parker (Earth-98121)/Appearances, May Reilly (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Elizabeth Allan (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Eugene Thompson (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Burglar (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Victor von Doom (Earth-98121)/Mentions, Richard Parker (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Mary Fitzpatrick (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Sally Avril (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Otto Octavius (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Joseph Hogan (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Maxwell Shiffman (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Fantastic Four (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Reed Richards (Earth-98121)/Mentions, Jonathan Storm (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Benjamin Grimm (Earth-98121)/Appearances, X-Men (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Charles Xavier (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Scott Summers (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Henry McCoy (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Stephen Strange (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Wong (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Bruce Banner (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Richard Jones (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Anna May (Earth-98121)/Appearances, Earth-98121/Appearances, Earth/Appearances, New York City/Appearances, Queens/Appearances, Forest Hills/Appearances, Aunt May's House/Appearances, Flushing Meadows–Corona Park/Appearances, General Techtronics Laboratories East (Earth-616)/Appearances, Manhattan/Appearances, Acme Warehouse/Appearances, Web-Shooters/Appearances, Doctor Octopus' Tentacles/Appearances, Spider-Man's Suit/Appearances

Spider-Man: Chapter One Vol 1 1


Spider-Man: Chapter One Vol 1 1

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Quote1 My fault... all my fault... because I didn't stop that punk when I could have! Now Uncle Ben is dead! He's dead!!! Quote2
-- Spider-Man (Peter Parker) cried

Appearing in "Bitter Lesson"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Bitter Lesson"Edit

Spider-Man's origin is reimagined!

Peter Parker develops the strength and agility of a spider, when an experiment conducted by Doctor Octavius goes awry in "Bitter Lesson."

  • This series updates Spider-Man's origin to modern times.

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