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Modern-Age, Spider-Man: Breakout Vol 1, Joe Quesada/Editor-in-Chief, Mike Deodato Jr./Cover Artist, Tony Bedard/Writer, Manuel Garcia/Penciler, Raul Fernandez/Inker, Chris Sotomayer/Colourist, Cory Petit/Letterer, Warren Simmons/Editor, Peter Parker (Earth-616)/Quotes, Peter Parker (Earth-616)/Appearances, Mary Jane Watson (Earth-616)/Appearances, U-Foes (Earth-616)/Appearances, Simon Utrecht (Earth-616)/Appearances, James Darnell (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ann Darnell (Earth-616)/Appearances, Michael Steel (Earth-616)/Appearances, Crossfire's Crew (Earth-616)/Appearances, William Cross (Earth-616)/Appearances, Basil Sandhurst (Earth-616)/Appearances, Jerome Beechman (Earth-616)/Appearances, Jackson Day (Earth-616)/Appearances, Alan Fagan (Earth-616)/Appearances, Steven Rogers (Earth-616)/Appearances, Luke Cage (Earth-616)/Appearances, Billy Russo (Earth-616)/Appearances, Blood Brothers (Earth-616)/Appearances, Percy & Barton Grimes (Earth-616)/Appearances, Brock Rumlow (Earth-616)/Appearances, John Horton (Earth-616)/Appearances, Owen Reece (Earth-616)/Appearances, Stuart Clarke (Earth-616)/Appearances, Lancaster Sneed (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ulysses Lugman (Earth-616)/Appearances, Mary Walker (Earth-616)/Appearances, Edward Whelan (Earth-616)/Appearances, Antonio Rodriguez (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ebenezer Laughton (Earth-616)/Appearances, Paul Duval (Earth-616)/Appearances, Wilbur Day (Earth-616)/Appearances, Rozalyn Backus (Earth-616)/Appearances, Guardsmen (Earth-616)/Appearances, Fantastic Four (Earth-616)/Mentions, Reed Richards (Earth-616)/Mentions, Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division (Earth-616)/Mentions, Nicholas Fury (Earth-616)/Mentions, Maxwell Dillon (Earth-616)/Mentions, New York City/Appearances, Ryker's Island/Appearances, Raft/Appearances, Colorado/Appearances, Rocky Mountains/Appearances, Vault (Prison)/Appearances, Web-Shooters/Appearances, Spider-Man's Suit/Appearances, Captain America's Shield/Appearances, Captain America's Uniform/Appearances, Guardsman Armor/Appearances

Spider-Man: Breakout Vol 1 1


Spider-Man: Breakout Vol 1 1

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Quote1 Just try not to blow up the whole neighborhood, okay? My favorite Indian take-out is around here somewhere. What? You don't like tandoori? Quote2
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "Breakout: Part 1 of 5"Edit

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Synopsis for "Breakout: Part 1 of 5"Edit

At the Vault certain villains with similar powers have formed alliances.When the U-Foes have planned an escape, Vector had put his trust in Crossfire who double crosses him. Later following the events of the New Avengers when Electro caused a diversion at The Raft on Rykers Island, allowing many Supervillains to escape, The U-Foes and Crossfire's Crew split from the rest and follow the trail of the same person who double-crossed them. Spider-Man gets caught in between the feuding villains.

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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The New Avengers riot hits here!
  • The jailbreak of the century causes more havoc in the Marvel U as a flood of the most dangerous villains on the planet pour into the streets of New York City!
  • And caught between two warring cliques of escaped convicts is everyone's favorite Web-slinger!

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