Created by Peter Parker with Horizon Labs vast resources to fight the Sinister Six if needed in a last resort. When Doctor Octopus started his last master plan before dying, Spider-Man knew he would have to use it to stop Octopus' attempt to speed up the Greenhouse effect. [1]

Spider-Man (Ends of the Earth)

Spider-Man with Black Widow and Silver Sable.

This suit has since been repaired and placed back in storage in Peter's office at Horizon Labs.[2] After Horizon Labs was destroyed[3], Spider-Man kept the suit in his lab at Parker Industries[4].


  • Customized Helmet:
    • Hearing Acuity Device: The audio in the helmet is keyed to hone in on Chameleon's specific heartbeat in order to easily detect him in disguise. Peter claims that this feature is based on Daredevil's special hearing abilities.[5]
    • Comm-Link: A special comm-link built in to the helmet that allows Spider-Man to communicate with his fellow Avengers as well as others.[5]
    • Octo-Bot Helmet: Used by Doctor Octopus when he attempted to control the city of New York and to manage his automatized Octo-Bots. Spider-Man previously used this helmet during the Spider-Island infestation. He later tries to use it to stop Octavius but fails.[5]
  • Enhanced Lenses:
    • Holographic Visor: Designed to see through Mysterio`s holograms and illusions.[5]
    • "Pink Hippo" App: After spraying Sandman with a radioactive solution, Spider-Man turns his lenses on, revealing a special sand grain in Marko's body which acts as a "queen bee", telling the other grains what to do. After connecting it to his suit, he uses a smartphone to send it special orders, changing Marko's form against his will.[6]
Spider-Man's Flight Capabilites

Spider-Man flying.

  • Electro-Proof: The suit is capable of repelling Electro and also changing him from his electrical state back to his human state.[5]
  • Built-in Web-Shooters: The web-shooters have been heavily modified into gauntlets, which Spider-Man uses to fire larger amounts of webbing than his normal ones.[6][7]
  • Flight: This suit also comes with jet boosters, allowing Spider-Man to fly.[6]
  • Enhanced Durability: Spider-Man has built this suit to be durable enough to withstand the Rhino's brute force. In addition, it has also been shown to withstand a serious blow from even Thor. However, the suit has been slightly damaged by both opponents.[8][9]
  • Built-in-Utility Belt: This suit also comes with a utility belt that contains cartridges of different types of webbing, spider-tracers, and ice-spiders.[7]

Alternate Reality Versions

Image Description Issue
On Earth-91119, Spider-Man's "second spider-armor,"was created with tons of gadgets designed to take down his greatest foes. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
Peter Parker (Earth-TRN500) Sometime after creating the third Spider-Armor, Spider-Man was recruited by the S.H.I.E.L.D. of Earth-TRN461 to defeat a team of Sinister Sixers from across the Multiverse. Spider-Man Unlimited
Peter Parker (Earth-TRN458) On Earth-TRN458, Spyder-Knight wears an armor that resembles the MK III but with a more medieval-like design. The armor is durable enough against piercing even towards modern needles, the left gauntlet contains a built in collapsible crossbow and a collapsible sword on the right, the gauntlets also have built in Web-Shooters. Ultimate Spider-Man (Animated Series) Season 3 11


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