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Spider-Girl Vol 1 3


Spider-Girl Vol 1 3

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Appearing in "Fun 'n' Games with the Fantastic Five"Edit

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Synopsis for "Fun 'n' Games with the Fantastic Five"Edit

Peter is up for an award directly from the Mayor, which is the topic of discussion at breakfast. May vows to be at the ceremony in time. At school, May is talking with Davida Kirby when Jimmy Yama breaks into the conversation. He asks May if she would like to go the new Fantastic Five showing at their base. Before May can answer, Moose Mansfield shows up with Brad Miller to mock him. However, Brad convinces Moose to back off and says how both groups of May's friends should go after school. They all do make it there after school and things seem to be going fine enough until a portal shows up in the middle of the room. Out of this dimensional doorway swaggers Spyral. It turns out he is looking for a Negative Zone device so he can get back to his right dimension. As May begins to engage him as Spider-Girl, the Fantastic Five shows up and jumps the gun by assuming she is working with Spyral. Before things can get straightened out, Spyral puts the public in danger and is able to get away as Reed Richards saves the crowd. May is also able to change back into her normal clothes before the Fantastic Five can capture her.

As she makes her way home, she is stopped by Phil Urich, he fathers partner as Midtown South Police Station. They have a conversation where he reveals to her that he once tried to be a superhero. May contemplates why he may have told her this a bit later as she watches for the Fantastic Five to go after Spyral. When they finally do, she follows them to the seedy warehouse 317 and assist them in their fight. Spyral is able to get the upper hand and May, along with Franklin Richards, are sent into another dimension, but with the Negative Zone technology. They try to fend of the creatures there as they wait for the rest of the team to bring them back, which they do. With Spyral in custody, The Thing and Johnny Storm want to hold May, but Franklin vouches for her, allowing her to leave with no questions asked. May hastily makes her way to her fathers ceremony, but she is already too late. The comic ends with Mary Jane and May walking away from each other in frustration.

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  • A older woman at the exhibit asks a child if he would like to see the Attilan portion. He responds he would rather punch a Thing doll. The floor also had Namor and Puppet Master showings, as well as a poster that says "Where is Doctor Doom?"

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