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Doctor Doom wanted to get revenge on Spider-man, who had rejected his alliance offer.[1] Wanting to find Spider-man, Doom built the Spider-Finder, a hand-held device receiving the impulses that spiders and spider-related beings gave off. That allowed Doom to scan the whole city, looking for the strongest impulses within the range, until he could find Spider-man even if the later was not wearing his disguise.[1][2]

The device led Doom to the position of Spider-man, in his civil clothes as Peter Parker. In close vicinity, however, was Parker's classmate Eugene "Flash" Thompson, disguised as Spider-man to play a prank on Parker. This led to Doom mistakenly believing that Thompson was the real Spider-man. Doom easily kidnapped Thompson, releasing him only later when the Fantastic Four tracked him to his lair.[1] Doom left the spider-finder in the lair, where it apparently remained for years.[2]


Item name revealed in Machines of Doom.


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