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This story is a reprint of the comic
Amazing Spider-Man #183.

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Synopsis for "...And Where the Big Wheel Stops, Nobody Knows!"Edit

This story is reprinted from Amazing Spider-Man #183.

Spider-Man shows up for class early and thinks about his upcoming graduation and hopes to marry Mary Jane. Meanwhile, Jackson Weele has come to the Tinkerer to get a device to destroy the Rocket Racer.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker goes to visit his Aunt May, unaware that the Rocket Racer (in his civilian guise) is visiting his ailing mother, who is sharing a room with May. When Peter's spider-sense goes off he changes into Spider-Man and bursts in on them and is attacked by the Racer. The racer changes into his costume and their fight takes them across the city. Things get more complicated when Weele, coming in a giant gyroscope device dubbed the Big Wheel, attacks them. The fight ends when the Big Wheel rolls off the docks and into the water. Spider-Man dives in but can find no trace of Weele.

Realizing that he's forgotten about Aunt May, Peter rushes back to the hospital where he learns that his sudden appearance as Spider-Man put Aunt May in another seizure and she is in intensive care. To make matters worse, Mary Jane comes to visit and at the same time tells Peter that she can't marry him because she's not ready to settle down and gives him back his ring.

Rejected, Peter returns home to find that somebody is waiting in his apartment.

All reprint. This issue also contains edited reprints of the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Godzilla, Thor, The Thing and Skull the Slayer and What If?.

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