The Specialist was an operative of the Stark-Fujikawa MegaCorp in 2099.

At the request of a favor, the Specialist's services were provided to Tyler Stone of Alchemax to kidnap a woman named Kasey Nash who owed the MegaCorp a debt. When Nash escaped from Alchemax, the Specialist was honor bound to recapture her, and got into a confrontation with the new Spider-Man of 2099. During the fight, Spider-Man inadvertently slit the Specialist's throat with his talons, killing him.

All this was anticipated by Stone, who had hoped to manipulate Stark-Fujikawa into a debt of honor to avenge themselves against Spider-Man, leaving Stone free to concentrate on other maters while Spider-Man was dealt with.

Superior 2099

After some glitches in the Timestream, the events of the year 2099 changed under unspecified circumstances and everything happened after the Atlanteans invasion was cancelled from the timeline. In this new timeline the Specialist is alive and he's working for Stark-Fujikawa.[1]


No superhuman powers


Qualified as a samurai and as a hovercraft pilot. Trained in several martial arts and in the use of several Japanese traditional-but-technologically-adapted weapons including shuriken, nunchakus and swords.

Strength level

The Specialist's strength is not superhuman, but it is in the limits of human strength, probably due to intensive physical exercise. He can lift between 470 (twice his weight) and 800 pounds with his arms fully extended.[2]


His uniform provides him a degree of protection against bullets, electric shock and most forms of damages.


One-man hovercraft


Shuriken, nunchakus, a 4' samurai sword that can cut through steel.

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